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Coronavirus / COVID 19 

As a community, we have to come together to protect ourselves;


-- Social Distancing is probably the most important thing we can do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

-- Acting responsibly, doing what you can do as an individual to keep safe.

-- Remember your health impacts my health the same as my health impacts your health.

Maintenance Adjustments

-- Only plumbing/electrical emergency calls, please

-- LIMITED RECYCLING has begun. Please do not place anything outside on the ground, they won't take it. Cardboard is the priority. Continue to dispose of non-cardboard recycling in the trash.

-- Wrap all garbage; double-bag heavy bags or those containing glass

-- Please do not put ANY cardboard down the garbage chute.

-- Association Office is functioning via phone/email. NO visitors. Mail or put checks, documents etc. in BCCA mailbox at 2300 Windsor.