BCCA Leasing Packet

The BCCA Leasing Packet has been fine tuned this year. The major changes are as follows:

 1. Wording must included in the executed lease stating that this Leasing Packet is     part of the actual lease. For example:

 "This lease is subject to the Declaration, By-laws and Rules & Regulations                   including without limitation the Rider to Lease and all other provisions of the          BCCA Leasing Packet."

 2. All aspects of the Leasing Packet are to submitted with the executed lease at         least 5 days prior to occupancy to avoid an expedited fee of $25.00.

 3. New tenants have seven (7) days from occupancy to submit vehicle registration       to the Association Office. 

New Tenant

Leasing Packet


 1. Must include wording in the executed lease stating that the Leasing Packet is part of the actual lease. See. #1 above

 2. Lease RENEWAL Packet which includes; Acknowledgement of Tenant Obligations, Rider to Lease, Broadcast Call/Email, Contact Information, Acknowledgement of Vehicle Regulations, copy of State of Illinois vehicle registration for each vehicle and CO responsibilities for tenants.


Leasing Packet