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Drip Pan Replacement Program

The Bristol Court Condominium Association has begun the Drip Pan Replacement Program. The scope of this project is the replacement of all drip pans in all fancoil units on the property. 

The replacement will begin by replacing drip pans in the units located on the first residential floor of each building. After that the replacement will replace the drip pans in all of the 2nd and 3rd floor units per building. The estimated time for the completion of this project is approximately a year. 

You will be notified as to the schedule of replacement as it refers to you. Replacement of all fancoil drip pans in a unit generally takes 2 hours on average. You do not need to be at home if we have entry to your unit. 

In addition, on a much smaller scope, there is also a motor replacement for specified fancoils. Again, you will be notified when your unit is scheduled. 


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